You seem to be very busy. How soon should I book my appointment?

Audrey wishes she could see everyone that contacts her for a session. Audrey is typically booked 4 weeks in advance throughout the year. During the Holiday Season (Sept - Nov.) she is booked 6 weeks in advance. The only weekend date Audrey works is Sunday. This is usually the first date to book. She has much more flexibility during the week. If you would like a weekend date, we strongly suggest that you book this date as soon as you know that Audrey is the photographer for you.

What is the difference between a location session and a loft session? Which should I choose?

The loft session is when a client comes to Audrey's loft for the photo session. The location session is when Audrey drives to your home, or some sort of park location for your photo session.

Which should you choose? That is a tough question. The great thing about working with Audrey is that clients have a choice. They are not limited to having photo sessions outdoors, nor do they have to scramble to find an indoor location because she has a beautfiul, large, modern furnished, 2200sq natural light studio located right in the West Loop in Chicago. Kids can run around, play with balls and toys...and have just a great time. We can guarantee that the kids won't want to leave. Should a client decide to come to the loft, they also have the option of going outdoors for great urban shots, or they can head over to the brand new Adam Sangamon park for images in a park setting as well.

With a location shoot, you have the luxury of taking pictures around the house, or in the backyard. Because Audrey began her business working on location 100% of the time, she has built a very large client base who prefers to have her come to them. She has worked in many homes...from the very large mansion, to the small one bedroom condo.

Audrey does not have a preference in terms of the location a potential client chooses. Typically toddlers and preschoolers tend to be much more comfortable in their own enviornment. Because of that, a location session might work well. Babies tend to go with the flow as long as their parents are nearby. Because of that, a loft or location session would work well.

When you call to book a photo session with Audrey, talk with her about what you are hoping for, and she can help steer you in the right direction!

What can I expect at a photo session?

You can expect your child(ren) to have fun. Audrey doesn't have rules, nor expectations of the parents, nor the children. She prefers if parents can just consider Audrey your "nanny" for the duration of the photo session. Children are expected to laugh, play, run, sing, and do whatever makes their heart content. A session usually doesn't go well when parents encourage their children to "sit still", or smile on command. Audrey prefer to capture children as they are. Just let your children be, and trust that she will anticipate the moment to capture the types of images that drew you to her work.

We have placed our order. When can we expect our pictures? We're so excited!

The reason clients love Audrey's work is due the care of each image during AND after the photo session.

We ask that you allow at least 4-6 weeks for delivery of your images from the moment you place your order. We understand that clients are very excited to see their images, but it is important not to rush this process. Every single image is inspected to make sure everything is perfect. If it isn't, we have it reprinted before you even see the print. You want the prints that grace your walls to be top notch. Rushing prints similar to an one-hour photo mill is simply not the way accomplish this. Remember, great images take time!

If a rush order is needed, this must be discussed at the time the order is placed so that certain processes can be put in place.

The children on your site are gorgeous! Are they models?

The children on Audrey's website are all regular clients she photographs in the Chicagoland area. None of the children or families are paid models.

However, Audrey loves to make regular kids and families look like models, and they are none the wiser while this is happening!

I really want family images. I didn't notice any "real" family images on the website. Do you have any examples?

Audrey's family portraits are not traditional. When choosing a photographer for your family portraits, it is imperative that you choose a photographer whose style matches your own. If you are hoping for traditional, "sit and smile together" family images then Audrey is probably not the photographer for your family portraits.

Audrey is very particular regarding how she captures the families she photographs. She also doesn't compromise her style to capture just "one" traditional image if a client requests that. Her main goal is for her clients to be happy with their family portraits. She prefers to capture casual, more intimate moments. She wants to showcase what makes your family special. Please take a look at the gallery link called "Families". The images in this gallery really give a great representation on how Audrey captures her families. If you are hoping for a similar outcome with your family session, please call Audrey to book a family photo session!

I live in San Diego, but I love your style. Do you travel?

Audrey does travel for portrait sessions. In order for her to consider traveling outside of the Chicagoland area for portrait sessions, she needs to have a minimum of 4 families booked. So gather up your friends and family for individual photo sessions!

Please call the studio at 312.265.6024 for more information.

I know my friend had pictures taken outside, but what if it rains? Do you have an alternative location?

In addition to her location work, Audrey has a 2200sq ft natural light studio in Downtown Chicago. Adults and children alike love her studio. There's plenty of room for children to run, jump and play. At Audrey's loft, kids are able to be kids. At the loft they will not be restricted to a small room in a home studio where they are sitting under studio lighting. Regardless of the weather conditions, there is always sufficient natural lighting until the sun sets. If the appointment is for a older child, you can always head outside for an urban feel to your images.

There are no traditional black or white backdrops here! Nor are there any distracting studio lights. The loft is designed with the best modern furniture for adults and kids, and eye catching European toys. There are beautiful oak hardwood floors, exposed brick, and 26 windows that are each 6 ft tall. There is a waiting room for parents to hang out and read the latest magazines (..don't worry..Dad can still watch the game on the 32 inch plasma television). Audrey wanted her loft designed like a home. So when you arrive, make yourself at home!

Audrey's loft is strictly by appointment only.

I really want a location session, but my home doesn't look very nice for pictures.

Audrey hears this a lot. The background of Audrey's images isn't the focus of the portrait. More often than not, you won't be able to make out the details of the background because it will be completely blurry.

With Audrey's work, she looks for texture and light, rather than pretty flowers, and a completely perfect decor.

There has never been a time when a clients home hasn't worked well for portraits. If a location session is what you want, than you should definitely book it!

Do you take modeling portfolio pictures?

Audrey does create modeling portfolios.

Because so many can take advantage of vunerable parents who wish to have their children in the industry, Audrey prefers to associate her business with a reputable modeling agency. Upon booking your photo session for a modeling portfolio, please let Audrey know the name of your agency, and specific agent.

Do you book children's commerical photography work?


She is able to conduct kids commercial photograph shoots in her natural light studio in Chicago or she can travel to the clients destination.

Audrey also takes on a limited portion of commercial clients.

If you are interested in having Audrey create a fabulous editorial for your brand, please inquire via the email form, or call the studio for availability.

Typically, editorial assignments are accepted between January - April.

All the teenagers on your website are dressed so nicely. What should I dress my child in?

It is often hard to tell a client what to wear. We are definitely a "jeans and t-shirt" type of studio. Audrey is an extremely casual person, and prefers to photograph her clients that way. Her style of photography doesn't work well with traditional styled clothing. If you are a potential client hoping for a more traditional photo session, with fancy dresses, we can refer you to a few outstanding photographers in the area that specialize in that look.

It can be hard to tell parents exactly what to wear, therefore we will mention a few things you shouldn't wear during a photo session with Audrey:

No big bows..or big bow barrettes. They aren't flattering. Anything made by Strasburg children Adult clothing on newborns. Newborns do not look cute in baby tuxedos, or jeans. Anything formal. Leave the "Sunday Best" clothing at home. Formal clothing not only makes your child uncomfortable, but it makes Audrey uncomfortable as well! If you have to wear nylon stockings with your're overdressed.
No bright white tights and patent leather shoes on your daughter. Dad's save the starched white button down white shirts, dress shoes, and suit coats for the office.

The above list was a bit tongue in cheek, but it will definitely steer you in the right direction! :)