What to expect with Audrey Woulard

Chicago photographer Audrey Woulard prides herself in her laid back approach to her photo sessions. She utilizes natural light at all times with each and every photo session.

As you are looking for a photographer for your family, you will comb through many many websites of photographers throughout the Chicagoland area. One thing you will notice is that Audrey's images stand out from the crowd. There is a reason for this!

Known through out Chicago, and the surrounding suburbs for her location work, she also utilizes her natural light studio if a client requests. As a convenience, Audrey is able to meet clients at their homes for a photo session both indoors and outdoors. However, she runs a professional business, and she runs her own studio in the West Loop. She does not have to restrict her clients to only outdoor pictures, or their homes. She has a lovely natural light studio.

Her daylight studio looks like a home. For a lovely, unique urban experience, we have our own PRIVATE 4000sq rooftop that has amazing light. The kids as well as their families love the rooftop. Photographers who fly in to train with Audrey love to shoot there, because it is such an unique experience.

Audrey prides herself in her very large referral client base. Because of this large client base, she has not found a need to actively market for new clientele as her clients consistently refer her to all their friends and family!